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Seamless coil tube is the seamless tubing which supplied in coil with long continuous length. Seamless coiled tubes are widely used in various industries as some critical components of many products. Normally seamless coil tubes are available in stainless steel 316L, stainless steel 304L, nickle alloys and titanium alloys. Stainless steel coil tubing in seamless type is the most popular among the above. Our company Younglee is a professional factory manufacturer of stainless steel tubing coil of seamless and welded. 

To explain what is seamless coiled tube, firstly we need to know what is seamless tubing, and what is the advantages of seamless tubes?

What is seamless tube?

Seamless tube is the tube made from round bar of some steel / stainless steel or nickle alloy. A seamless tube usually are without any weld-seam on it. Seamless tubing, especially the seamless stainless steel coil tubing, is broadly utilized in many applications of various industries.

How seamless tubing is manufactured?

Seamless tube usually is manufactured through either hot piercing or hot extrusion. This process begins with a piece of conditioned steel of a selected grade. The tubes are extruded or hot pierced from a billet or round bar, then redrawn using a die. The seamless tube is heat-treated in a heat treatment furnace and worked, cleaned, and re-worked until it has been reduced to the required dimensions. Our factory can produce nickel alloy and stainless steel coil tubing of seamless with outer diameter between 3 mm to 25 mm.

What are the differences between welded, welded-and-redrawn, and seamless tubing?

The biggest difference and advantage of seamless tubing is that it is 100% seam-free, without any longitudinal or orbital welds, for this reason, seamless tube can provide higher corrosion resistance. As you may know, longitudinal welds present a risk for defect, which cannot be tolerated in most of critical applications.

Welded stainless steel tubing coil is manufactured from flat strips of steel, stainless steel or nickel alloy. To manufacture welded tubing, the flat strip is roll-formed and joined with a longitudinal seam. The process can be done with laser alignment or TIG welding.

The welding area of stainless steel coil tubing is dimensionally inconsistent with the strip and causes areas of stress concentration, especially for tubes that are working under a high inside pressure. Moreover, these fissures, which exist on the two sides of the weld seam, set out open doors for corrosion and metallurgical pollution during heat treatment can cause corrosion as residue becomes trapped.

These fissures can cause breaks, which can spread and make the welded tubing rupture. Some factory utilize various techniques trying to limit the dimensional variety and combine the weld seam including roll, sink, or float and plug drawn. These methods are known as many names including: welded-and-redrawn, seam-free and seam-integrated. Redrawing as-welded tubing with a mold and plug and accordingly tempering homogenizes the weld. To completely homogenize the weld, these activities should be rehashed a few times, expanding the general expense. Consistent tubing, in correlation, has zero welds.

Seamless stainless steel coil tubing reduces the risk of impurities, increases corrosion resistance and reduces installation costs in many applications, making it a preferred choice for extreme environments.

What are the main applications for seamless stainless steel tubing coil?

Seamless coil tubing and seamless straight tube are available in a number of high-performance, corrosion-resistant alloys (stainless steels, nickel alloys) and sizes ideal for ultra-high purity, military, aircraft, semiconductor, medical and general instrumentation applications. We can manufacture seamless tubes in coils and straight length according to your requirements and applications.

YOUNGLEE provides several stainless steel tubing coil and spool products:

Also we produce nickel alloy coil tubing and titanium coil tubing.

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Younglee Precision Tubes manufactures and supplies high quality Seamless Stainless Steel Hydraulic tubing, our hydraulic tubing are as per specification ASTM A 269/ASTM A 213, or according to customer’s requirement, stainless steel material such as 316/316L, 304/304L,316Ti, duplex stainless steel are available, We manufacture a wide range of sizes per standard inch tube sizes and wall thicknesses, metric tube sizes and wall thicknesses.

Reading to know the material/specifications/size chart/tolerances/prices/pressure rating of our hydraulic tubing, also the packing and our best service.Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a best quotation for your reuqirement.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a best quotation for your reuqirement.

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