Stainless steel coiled tube

YOUNGLEE provides several stainless steel tubular products in coils and on spools:

  • Stainless steel control lines
  • Chemical injection lines
  • Continuous feed tubes
  • Stainless steel capillary tube
  • High pressure super long control lines
  • Hydraulic tubing
  • Instrumentation tubing
  • Stainless steel encapsulated tubing
  • Stainless steel armored test cables

In this detailed product introduction you’ll learn: Product overview, Specification, Material, Sizes and single coil lengths, Working pressure and How to order.


We manufacture stainless steel coiled tubing products that meet the highest industry specifications, it is in accordance with ASTM A269 APIRP5 C7 and JISG4305 project standards. Our coiled tubing is used in oil and gas industry applications,such as downhole hydraulic control lines, downhole chemical control lines, drilling, subsea control lines for hydraulic power and chemical injection lines,downhole test cable. Coiled tubing is supplied normally spooled on a large reel or drum, our coiled tubing has a excellent performance on high working pressure (13000PSI) and extra long length.


Stainless steel grade, chemical composition, all materials are supplied in bright annealed condition. Normally available for material TP316L, Alloy825&Alloy625, other grades can be offered on request.

TP 316LS31600/S316030.0316.5102.10.1
Alloy 825N088250.032038.52.6Cu=1.7, Ti=0.7
Alloy 625N66250.121.5>=589Nb=3.5


High pressure with  extra long is the characteristic of the stainless steel coil,which is mainly used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry,  shipbuilding and other industries.

Steel tube material:304、316L、2205、2507、825、625

Steel tube O.D.:1/16″—1″

Steel tube wall thickness:0.5MM—3MM

Steel tube length:100-12000M

Working pressure:50—200MPA